Welcome to Grandpas Grains!

Grandpa has farmed in Southern Idaho since the early 1970's. Grandpa and Grandma manage the farming operation. We have decided to take the premium quality wheat we have grown for many years and make it available to the public for kitchen use or long term storage. A handful of great employees help us grow, harvest and package our premium quality wheat. We added premium quality pinto beans, as well. With the wild swings in current world food supplies, climate change, and economic difficulties, we feel our farm-grown products could be a source of peace of mind for many families.






I am two batches away from using a full 50 lbs of your hard white wheat. My bread is light, flavorful, nutritious, delicious and my family loves it.
- Kathryn, Phoenix AZ

Can we order more wheat from you? We are loving the grain we bought from you!
- Belinda, AZ

I would like to order more honey. The one I got last time was really good!
- Linda, Mesa AZ

Thank you so much for the honey, can't even describe how wonderful it is! I just dug in and starting eating it with a spoon.

Susan, Phoenix, AZ

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