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About Us


The purpose of Grandpa's Grain is to provide our customers premium quality grains, beans, corn and honey at reasonable prices; assist network representatives' gain financially; and increase the value of our home grown grain products.

The new varieties of Hard White Wheat are most often preferred for baking and storage. Our premium hard white wheat has a minimum of 14% protein and never exceeds 9% moisture content.  Our Hard Red Wheat has the same qualities as the Hard White Wheat.  Our premium Soft White Wheat is lower protein, used mostly for pasta, tortillas, some baking and is highly nutritious. The Pinto Beans are #1 grade Idaho pinto beans, full of nutrition and fiber.  Our #1 premium white, shelled, dried Whole Sweet Corn is the highest quality available.  The corn is non-GMO, grown on an isolated farm to avoid cross pollination with other varieties.  Our Honey is pure, raw alfalfa blossom honey.  Grandpa's Grain is grown in a high valley of the Rocky Mountains, next to the beautiful Snake River. Our soils, climate, and abundant clear water make our farm an ideal location to grow the highest quality, most nutritious wheat available. Our grain is grown with organic based fertilizer, and minimal amounts of chemicals.  Our products are not organic, however we make every effort to grow our products to be as safe, healthy, and nutritious as possible.


Our wheat, beans, and corn is packaged in 6 gallon buckets.  Our honey is packaged in 1 (12 lbs) gallon buckets.  The heavy-wall food grade buckets we use are made from virgin plastic, with gasketed lids sealed for long term storage. Each 6 gallon bucket contains 45 lbs. net weight of wheat, beans, or corn.

Insect and Mold Control

Grandpa used three methods to eliminate any possibility of weevil or mold in the buckets being stored long term. First, when the wheat is harvested on our farm, it comes out of the field as contaminate free as possible and stored in clean treated silos. Second, as the wheat is being loaded into the silos, we add Diatomaceous Earth, an organic powder which controls bugs (100% harmless to humans). It is nature's way to keep the wheat bug free (that protection goes with the wheat into the buckets). Third, as we fill each bucket, we include oxygen absorbers designed to remove all oxygen from the bucket, which creates additional protection against mold or bug growth.

Cleaning Process

Grandpa takes extra care to provide clean premium quality wheat, beans, and corn. We start with the clean fields. Then modern harvest equipment removes 95% of any impurities from the wheat. Just before packaging, the wheat passes through a six-part dry process that cleans it. Our cleaning equipment includes two air aspirators, three incremental sized vibrating screens, and magnets. This process assures that our customers with receive the cleanest wheat available.

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