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Non-GMO White Shelled Sweet Corn

This is a new product to Grandpa's Grain and we are excited to introduce Dried White Whole Kernal Sweet Corn!

This product is not for pop corn or any popping, but it is wonderful for grits, cornmeal, hominy, etc.

Soups, Corn Pudding and Other Treats

  • Everyone knows about popcorn, but dried corn can also be used to make a number of hearty dishes. Some recipes featuring dried corn include dried corn soup, posole, stewed dried corn, dried corn pudding, Amish dried corn casserole and baked dried corn. Many recipes using dried corn have Native American, Mexican or South American roots. You can buy prepackaged dried corn at the grocery store for this purpose.

Fresh Cornmeal

  • According to the article "You, Too, Should Discover Dried Corn" in Mother Earth News online magazine, once corn is thoroughly dried on the cob, it can be shelled and then ground in a grain mill to produce cornmeal. Home-milled cornmeal has better flavor and retains more vitamins and minerals than commercial cornmeal with the germ removed before processing. Home-milled cornmeal must be stored in the refrigerator to prevent the natural oil from becoming rancid.

Hominy and Grits

  • Dried corn can be used to make hominy, and hominy in turn is the basis for grits, masa harina, nixtamal, corn tortillas, posole and many other recipes. Hominy is made by first drying the corn, then cooking it in a lime, lye or baking soda solution to soften the hulls. The hull and germ is then removed from each kernel. It can then be canned or dried again. Dried and milled, hominy becomes grits. Ground into a dough while hominy is wet, it becomes masa. When masa is dried and powdered, the result is masa harina--the traditional basis for tortillas and tamales.
    See recipes for our Non-GMO White Shelled Sweet Corn here.

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