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Jenny's Whole Wheat Bread in a Bosch


6 c. warm water, approx. 115 degrees
2 Tbsp. sea salt
2/3 c. canola oil
2/3 c. honey
3 Tbsp. dough enhancer
1/3 c. vital wheat gluten (if you use Grandpas Grain hard white wheat you can skip this)
3 Tbsp. instant yeast
6-8 c. fresh ground wheat flour to begin with


Add all ingredients and use the monetary switch to mix well. Turn the machine to speed
1 and continue to add wheat flour only until the dough begins to pull away from the sides
of the bowl. When you can see the sides pull clean as well as the dough coming clean
from the bottom of the bowl you know you have enough flour (do not add too much
flour) the dough should be sticky and does not come together at this point , but the bowl
is clean.

Knead on speed 1 for 8-10 minutes or until the gluten has been developed. If you feel
your dough is too dry, simply add a few Tbsp water to moisten, if dough starts sticking
simply add a little white flour (not wheat flour as the gluten will not mix enough to

Oil your hands, remove dough from mixer onto slightly oiled counter, divide your dough
into 4-5 large loaves depending on your pan size. We like 8 ½” x 4 ½” and usually get 5
loaves. Shape loaves, and place in a well greased or sprayed pan, never use oil. Let rise
until dough has doubled or is approx 2” above the rim of the pan. This will take 30-60
min depending on the room temperature. You can also place loaves in a oven set to 100
degrees. You will know that your dough has risen enough if, when you push on it with
your finger it is slow to bounce back. This means that the gluten has been full expended
and can’t rise more. It is necessary to make sure your dough has risen enough before
baking to prevent cracking at the ends of the bread when it is cooked.

Once dough has fully risen, turn the oven to 350 and set the time to 35 minutes. When
the timer goes off, pull your bread out and slide out of pan. Push on the side. If it bounces

right back you will know that it is done. To make the top soft, lightly mist with water
when it is right out of the oven.

Cook on cooling rack then put into bread bags. Freeze on the same day that the bread was
baked and keep for up to 30 days in the freezer.

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